BONIRAT Forablock

Bonirat Forablock / ZAPI - The most palatable and effective for all types of rodents.Ready to use soft rodenticide fresh bait endowed with special attractive and optimizing substances. Vanilla flavour , The fresh bait dose not dry up and it is sun and water-resistant. Each bait is contained in around 10g. single dose filter paper, Packages: 200 gm & 2.5 Kg.
Item No : 11014
Price : 120.00 SAR
Unit : 2.5 kg
Quantity Available : 1000


Element Percentage
Composition Difenacoum 0.005 % ,Denatonium benzaoate 0.001 % , Inert Ingredients up to 100 %
Toxicology WHO Class I (Extremely Hazardous)
Bonirat Wax Block: Waterproof Ready to use wax-block rodenticide endowed with anise flavored and luring substance. Available in 2.5 kg .


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